I have shut down the MVAVC Website for the following reasons

The following was an article that was submitted to the editor of the MVAVC newsletter to be included in the Summer 2018 Newsletter. Guess what somewhere along the line it was decided by someone not to publish my article in the newsletter. I also posted the same thing on the MVAVC Facebook page and it isn't there at the writing of this.

Website Update

I would like to thank everyone for a great 14 years. However since no one wants to provide up to date information for the MVAVC website and prefers to use Facebook over the website I will be shutting down the website. In the last newsletter I ask for everyone to send in some up to date information so that I could up date the website. I received none so as you are reading this update I will be deleting the website files and everything from the internet as far as MVAVC is concerned. I am not going to continue to support and be a part of an out dated website. I hope all of you enjoy your Facebook.
Thanks again for a great 14 years.

Jimmie Toney Webmaster

My decisision was to shut the website down was due to lack of cooperation. For example I could not even get an up to date membership list after I was promised one. The list goes on and on. If anyone would like more details and information they may contact me at Webmaster